1995 Lina Chen, Gent (Belgium)
2014 Graduated from EDUGO, campus De Toren - ASO, economics maths
2020 Graduated from KU Leuven, faculty of architecture, campus Sint-Lucas Gent - Master of Architecture (MSc)
2021 Trainee architect at Delmulle Delmulle Architecten
2021 CHENLINA architecture and design
2022 Trainee architect at Coussée Goris Huyghe Architecten
2023 Architect at Coussée Goris Huyghe Architecten


Lina is currently working as an architect at Coussée Goris Huyghe architecten in Ghent, registered on the table of the Order of Architects of East-Flanders.

Beside her full-time occupation as an architect, Lina takes a great interest in the craft of small objects. Objects not quite of essential need, but which are of great emotional value and driven to create by personal aesthetic preferences.

Additionally, Lina enjoys exploring her skills in other fields of design beside architecture.


2020 - Nomination by KU Leuven for the Flemish Dissertation Award


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